Railhazer Can Kooler

from Railhazer

Temporarily protect your 12oz canned beverages from the effects of entropy with our new CAN COOLERS!

Express your disdain for the limitations of physics, while showing everyone around that you're much more witty than them.

If you don't get the joke, its OK..buy a few anyway. Someone will explain it....

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Railhazer Saint Louis, Missouri

With one part sludgy riffs inspired by mid-American doldrums, two parts beauty and disgust, and a whole lot of shining swords, bonfires, and tales of fallen warriors.... all
wrapped in a web of galactic cataclysm,
Railhazer was born in 2015!

From the muddy banks of the Mississippi,
Railhazer is:

Oren Hawkins-Drums
Dave Kreher-Guitar
Jordan Ross-Guitar
Steve Sesti-Bass
Matt Mathias-Vox
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